X-Rite 341C Portable

The X-Rite 341C Portable, Black & White transmission Densitometer incorporates all the key features of a traditional desktop densitometer into a compact, handheld unit, allowing you to take measurements anywhere you need. Ideal for all graphic arts film applications, from quality control to calibration, the X-Rite 341C provides extraordinary accuracy when measuring density and dot area, combined with impressive speed and ease of use.

The 341C’s density function is useful for evaluating and setting the exposure of any image setting system, positive or negative. Use it to verify the Dmax of films, ensuring light-blocking film properties when making proofs or printing plates. The dot area function is useful for verifying screen tint values from contact and duplicate films or originals. It can zero on the film base, and accurately measure from 0 to 100 per cent.

Includes a useful carrying case for travel and storage.

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