StellaPro Reflex

£858.00 incl. VAT

StellaPro Reflex

The first true Continuous Strobe Hybrid (CSH) LED light, featuring Digital Burst technology up to 10FPS, with a lightning-quick flash duration of 5ms (200 bursts/second). Lightweight, ultra-portable, and modifier-ready for video or stills.

Key Features

  • Powerful: Up to 6,000 lumens in Continuous Mode and 12,000 in Burst Mode out of battery handle
  • Up to 9,000 lumens in Continuous Mode and 18,000 in Burst Mode out of 100W power supply
  • Versatile: Perfect for Wedding, Action/Sports, Portraiture, Adventure, Cinematic, Editorial/News, or Casual lighting
  • Adaptable: Instantly switch between continuous and digital burst lighting
  • Ultra-Portable and Rugged: Less than 2lbs (including the swappable, rechargeable USB-C battery handle), IP-65 water resistance, 1-metre impact resistant
  • Modifier and Stand Ready: Works with a wide array of existing modifiers and light stands, including Chimera softboxes, Spider holsters, and more!
  • iOS-only application available for product registration and firmware updates

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