Ral Colours of Health & Care Publication

by RAL
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RAL Colours of Health & Care

The standard reference for designers in the health care area and for related general interior design.
This book is the result of an analytical, scientific study on the effects of colour. Subjects illustrated 120 thematically relevant adjectives in colour which were translated into the RAL DESIGN system. In conjunction with the practical ‘Colours Of Health & Care’ colour fan deck, it is an essential planning tool for designing medical practices, hospitals and nursing homes.

- 120 current terms from the health care sector
- Encoded in 340 RAL DESIGN system colours
- 384 pages,
- Over 7,000 figures
- Format: 24 x 26 cm, hardcover
- Bilingual: German/English
- Numerous examples of colour ways in spaces
- Includes Colours Of Health & Care’ colour fan deck (with tear-off colour chips)

About the Author:
Professor Axel Venn is held in international esteem as a colour, trend and aesthetics consultant.
Within years of practice, he established the foundation for The Colour Dictionary, in which only RAL colours are used. Professor Venn is also the author of Colours of Health & Care, Colour Master and Colours for Hotels.