RAL Colours for Hotels

How does colour impact the well-being of guests? This Colours for Hotels planning guide delves into how colours impact the ambience and explains the psychological effect on guests. This planning guide is for interior decorators, designers and hotel managers who want to understand the colour significance when designing hotel rooms to ensure guests are comfortable and well looked after.

Use this planning guide to create an appealing hotel ambience with the right professional colour combination that creates a warm, sincere ambience of hospitality and first-class service.

  • Adjectives with hotel reference, expressed in colour combinations
  • Coded in the RAL Design system
  • 416 pages
  • Hardcover (24 x 26 cm)
  • Bilingual: German and English
  • With practically relevant design examples in hotels
  • Template for colour combinations

About the Authors
The team of authors Corinna Kretschmar-Joehnk, colour scientist Axel Venn and interior designer ‘Jol Design’, have written this unique and scientifically funded reference book for colour design in hotels.