The ultimate bundle for the printing industry!

Pantone understands your need to achieve accurate and consistent color, which can become challenging and expensive when printing multiple spot colors. To help you make satisfying, budget-friendly printing decisions, our SOLID-TO-SEVEN Set includes both PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES Solid Coated and Uncoated, as well as the EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide. Together, they can be easily compared side-by-side to identify the closest seven-color process matches to corresponding PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM® Colors.

The PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE Solid Coated & Solid Uncoated each feature 1,755 market-proven solid color choices, with large areas of color that enhance inspiration and matching.

The EXTENDED GAMUT Coated guide is printed with an extremely high quality, seven-color printing process using existing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) inks plus commonly used Orange, Green and Violet (OGV) inks that 'extend' the color gamut significantly. EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide page and color numbers mirror exactly those of the PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES for your convenience when reviewing together.
This set includes color indexes for fast color lookup and a lighting evaluation tool (included in the PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDES only) to ensure your ambient lighting conditions are right for color evaluation.