PANTONE PLUS CMYK Guide Set - Now on Clearence Sale

The 2015 edition with original packaging and same great colours 

( Replaces GP4101 )  The PANTONE PLUS SERIES CMYK Color Guide Set Coated & Uncoated offers 2,868 chromatically arranged CMYK colour combinations on coated and uncoated stock, in the two separate volumes that make up this set.  The PANTONE CMYK Color Guide Set is the ideal way to visualise, communicate and control colours within any graphics, print or creative project, with screen tint percentages also provided to enable accurate colour reproduction. Accurately select, specify and communicate colour for four-colour process printing, see the effect of coated and uncoated stocks against each other and enjoy a printed standard for colour comparison and quality control.  The PANTONE CMYK Coated & Uncoated Color Guide set boasts numerous features and advantages, including:
  • 2,868 process colours with CMYK screen percentages
  • Chromatic sequence makes it easy to locate desired colours
  • Two-guide set on coated and uncoated stocks
  • Accurately select, specify and communicate colour for four-colour process printing
  • Broad range of chromatic and neutral colours
  • All colours are reproducible within commercially accepted printing standards
Pantone reference: GP5101 Please note: This product does not contain any of the Pantone spot colours, and is entirely made up of CMYK colour variations. For Pantone Spot Colours alongside their closest CMYK equivalent please see Pantone ColorBridge Set. (PANT308). For Ink Mixing Recipes go to the Pantone Formula Guide (PANT300).