PANTONE FHI Cotton Swatch Library

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Comprehensive gamut selection in a seven-volume collection.

Enhance your colour communication, create mood boards and presentations with the largest Pantone removable swatches in 2,310 colours, including the 210 industry-relevant colours launched in 2015. This seven-volume collection is ideal for designers and teams working with textiles, soft goods, fashion, soft home and interior products.

For the most accurate colour representation, each swatch has been made from a double layer of unbacked cotton fabric, mounted onto non-optically brightened paper. To speed up your workflow and find colours fast, colours are arranged in chromatic order with an index in the back detailing a numeric location for each colour.

  • 2,310 FHI cotton colours, including the 210 colours launched in 2015
  • 7-volume, 3-ring binder desktop reference
  • Organised in removable folders with 16 colours per page.
  • Largest removable Pantone cotton double-layered swatches (2” x 2’) on un-backed paper
  • Colours arranged in chromatic format with an index locating each colour

Pantone reference: FHIC100