PANTONE FHI Cotton Planner

Explore 2,310 FHI n colours in a convenient, compact and portable format.

Get inspired with 2,310 Fashion, Home + Interiors (FHI) industry-relevant colours, in one compact desktop reference. A compact and collaborative reference guide for creative agencies, freelancers, studios or in-house colourists – use for specification, spot-checking and selecting colours at the lab or in the office.

Designed for convenience, colours are arranged in a chromatic format so that you can make quick colour decisions. Find colours easily with an index outlining the numeric location of each colour. View colours accurately as each swatch is made from a double layer of unbacked cotton fabric, mounted on non-optically brightened paper.


  • 2,310 FHI cotton colours, including the 210 colours launched in 2015
  • Single volume three-ring binder in a desktop reference format
  • 65 individual square 100% cotton chips (5/8” x 5/8”) per page
  • Each colour refers to a corresponding Pantone Swatch Card
  • Colours are arranged in a chromatic format with an index at the back. 

Pantone reference: FHIC300