PANTONE Color Bridge Guide Uncoated with GrafiLite-2

This bundle includes two essential tools for designers to be able to select and communicate colour accurately, at home or in the office: Pantone’s Color Bridge Guide Uncoated and the new GrafiLite-2. Save 20% with this must-have bundle compared to buying the products individually.

PANTONE Color Bridge Guide Uncoated

Translate Pantone colours in CMYK, HTML and RGB
Color Bridge is the only Pantone tool that offers CMYK, HTML, and RGB values for Pantone Spot Colours. Use the Color Bridge Uncoated Guide to illustrate how Pantone Spot Colours can reproduce CMYK on uncoated stock, for confident colour management across different platforms. When process printing graphic and print designs, you can visualise Pantone Spot Colours next to their closest industry-standard CMYK equivalent and convert HTML and RGB with the value equivalents for digital design applications.


LED desktop colour assessment lamp
Viewprints and colour swatches in standardised lighting conditions, day or night, with the LED GrafiLite-2 powered by professional quality CRI 95+ LED ClearSun® Technology. This compact space-saving desk lamp with a neutral grey viewing mat is ideal for desktop colour selection, assessment and matching.