Tether Tools ONsite Power Plug Angle Adapter

£8.70 incl. VAT
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Eliminate Cable Clutter While Charging Camera Battery and More

Key Features:

  • Keeps your gear kit small and organized by eliminating a lengthy cable

  • Provides a handy and functional built-in mounting option to a wall outlet, power strip, or ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply

  • Keep your camera battery charger close at hand to monitor power levels and quickly swap batteries

  • Use your current camera battery charger internationally by purchasing the corresponding Power Plug Angle Adapter

Keep your gear tidy and close at hand by eliminating the long bulky cord that comes with your camera battery charger. The ONsite Power Plug Angle Adapter works with any camera battery charger (or other power supply) that has a detachable power cord and IEC C7 socket.