NCS 1950 Index and Colourpin II Bundle

by NCS
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NCS Index 1950 Original

The NCS Index 1950 Original is a compact and durable fan deck which offers all 1950 of the NCS colours in a convenient, tabbed layout system.

The NCS Index 1950 Original describes colours exactly as we see them making it easy to understand, logical and simple to use, with precise notations for each colour and is extremely effective for edge-to-edge colour comparisons.

NCS Colourpin 2

The NCS Colourpin 2 is a handy colour matching tool that fits in your pocket. You can scan and collect colours anywhere and with the app, you can find products that match the pinned colour. Capture colours, find suitable products and create palettes and exchange them with friends, colleagues or customers by email or on social networks.

Download the Colourpin app, connect the Colourpin wirelessly to your smartphone and pin storyboards. For each pinned colour you will receive information such as the closest NCS designation translated into CMYK, RGB, L * a * b * and the light reference values.