Just Normlicht asymmetrical moduLight

The Just Normlicht asymmetrical moduLight can be used in work environments or meeting rooms to turn any angled work surface or wall into an ISO 3664:2009 standardised viewing area.  Prismatic diffusion lenses provide a glare and reflection free viewing area. 

This unit can be hung from a ceiling or fixed with optional wall brackets which allow you to securely affix the moduLight to the wall to provide optimum wall illumination and create a stable and uniform assessment environment.  Please see related products for details.

Colour temperature of either D65 (6,500 Kelvin) or D50 (5,000 Kelvin) - contact us to specify
  • Lumination quality with chromaticity tolerances of 0.005
  • CRI 8 = 98 /CRI 215 = 95.6
  • Luminance level of 2000 Lux (+/- 250 Lux)
  • Even distribution of the light
  • Glare and shadow free viewing environment
Technical specification:
  • 5 tubes at 36 Watts
  • Illumination area: 70 x 100 cm (28 x 39 in)
  • Outside dim. 133.5 x 77.5 x 8.5 cm (53 x 31 x 3 in)
Manufacturer reference number: 64592

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