MM-2448e MiniMatcher - D65. CWF. TL-83. Tungsten & UV

by GTI
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GTI MM-2448e MiniMatcher

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GTI MM-2448e MiniMatcher offers a five light source, desktop viewing environment for the inspection and colour discrimination of numerous samples, including components, inks, paints, plastics and anything that requires accurate colour verification.

Five Light Sources - easily selected by an illuminated push-button control which is easily programmable to provide one-touch, automatic light source sequencing:
  • Artificial Daylight (D65) - Industry Standard
  • Cool White Fluorescent (CWF) - Replicates how colours will look in typical store environments which is especially relevant for packaging and advertising (TL84 is also available if specified at the time of ordering)
  • Incandescent - Verify how colours will look in home lighted conditions
  • Ultra-Violet - Allows detection of optical brighteners, whitening agents and fluorescent dyes or pigments
  • TL83 - Philips Triphosphor fluorescent lamps often chosen as a "Point of Sale" illuminant
GTI MM-2448e MiniMatcher boasts numerous features and benefits, including:
  • Accurate visual colour assessment and verification, under five spectrally dissimilar light sources
  • Illuminated push-button control
  • Easy detection of Metamerism which is the situation when two samples match when illuminated by a particular light source but then do not match when illuminate by a different light source
  • Neutral Munsell Grey surrounds
  • A built-in Daylight Lamp Timer helps you to monitor your usage of the daylight source
Viewing area: 22.75" x 48" x 23" (58 cm x 122 cm x 58 cm)
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