JUST Normlicht proofStation

JUST Normlicht proofStation is setting new standards in design, functionality and innovative lighting technology with improved values for light distribution and luminance. 

Just Normlicht proofStation 10 offers the perfect solution for the digital workflow, ideal for sheet sizes of 50 x 70 cm (28 x 20"), providing superior standardised lighting conditions and asymmetrical light reflectors with state of the art prismatic, optical diffusion screen. 

The proofStation 10 uses a JUST moduLight that includes four JUST 18W daylight 5000 proGraphic ISO 3664:2009 fluorescent tubes. 
  • Light area: 50 x 70 cm
  • Outside dim.: 210 x 97 x 110 cm
Features and benefits
  • Standardised lighting ISO 3664:2000
  • Even illumination (+/- 250 Lux)
  • Asymmetrical light reflectors
  • State of the art prismatic, optical diffusion screen
  • Glare- and shadow free
  • floor standing model with 2 shelves

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