Tether Tools JerkStopper Stretch 6 inch

£16.40 incl. VAT

JerkStopper Stretch 6"

The JerkStopper Stretch 6" Cable Support removes the stress and strain from a cable or cord, ensuring the plug stays in and is protected from damage.

The patented JerkStopper cable retention device provides an anchor point allowing slack in the cord preventing stress, dislodging and damage. Anchor the JerkStopper Stretch 4" to any strap, hook or rail. The 6" elastic provides extra play in the anchor for environments where the cable may be in constant motion.

Use the JerkStopper with any standard A/C power cord or cable with diameters from 3.5mm to 8.5mm.

The JerkStopper is a versatile and inexpensive tool that could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in preventable damage.

The JerkStopper Stretch is also available in a 4" version.