GTI GLE-M4/32 48" Quad Light Source

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The GTI GLE-M4/32 4-Lamp Luminaire, incorporates 4 different Graphiclite 100 lamps--daylight (D65), cool white fluorescent (CWF), incandescent and ultraviolet)--goes beyond the functional to provide an attractive light source for consistent, accurate colour viewing.

The GTI GLE-M4/32 48'' Quad Light Source (2 plus incandescent and UV) luminaire boasts aluminised high-efficiency reflectors and spectrally neutral non-yellowing diffusers, which combine for optimal viewing under 4 different colour temperatures.

Supplied if not specified with four sources (D65, CWF, incandescent, and ultraviolet) of Graphiclite 100 colour viewing lamps:

Illumination Types Explained
  • D50 - The preferred primary daylight standard light source for viewing printed material.
  • D65 - A primary daylight source for product assessment and a secondary daylight source for viewing printed material.
  • TL84 - Store lighting, the preferred light source for product colour appearance assessment.
  • CWF (Cool White Florescent) - Store lighting, represents a lower grade of store light for product colour appearance assessment.
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