GTI GLE-540 Symetric Luminaire

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The GTI GLE-540 Symetric Luminaire (5 lamp) provides a convenient solution for delivering standardised colour viewing and evaluation over a 60 x 30" area (150 x 75cn).

The GTI GLE-540 Symetric Luminaire (5 lamp) utilises Graphiclite 100 Color Viewing Lamps, aluminised high efficiency reflectors and spectrally neutral non-yellowing diffusers. This provides a precisely balanced light output and creates an accurate evaluation environment.

The GTI GLE-540 Symetric Luminaire (5 lamp) offers symmetrical reflectors which means that light is directed from the luminaire in a uniform pattern through a diffusion lens.

Supplied if not specified with industry standard, D50 illumination, an alternative illumination option can be supplied if requested at the time of ordering. (including, D65, TL84 and CWF):
  • Artificial Daylight D50 - Standard illumination for assessing printed materials.
  • TL83 3000k standard - Philips Triphosphor fluorescent lamps often chosen as a "Point of Sale" illuminant.
  • Store Light Cool White Florescent (CWF) - Represents a lower grade of store light.
  • Home Light (incandescent) - Represents typical home interior lighting.
  • UltraViolet (BLB) - Allows detection of optical brighteners, whitening agents and fluorescent dyes or pigments.
If required and stated at the time of ordering, the D50, TL83 or CWF can be replaced with D65 or TL84.
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