GTI CVX-3052/SC/2F D50 Color Viewing Station

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The GTI CVX-1/SC D50 Color Viewing Station, boasts state-of-the-art electronic ballast technology, combined with Graphiclite T8 fluorescent lamps delivering an effective way to assess prints up to 74cm x 132cm in size, to D50 industry viewing standards. It also comes complete with convenient a double-door storage cupboard. 

The GTI CVX-1/SC D50 Viewing Station offers a Munsell N8/gray surround for superior light evenness, improved rear wall illumination and reduced glare. The built-in Liteguard II feature displays lamp warm-up, lamp hours and remaining lamp life for maximum efficiency. 

The GTI CVX-1/SC D50 Viewing Station is supplied with D50 illumination and offers both horizontal and vertical viewing positions and a built-in print bar.  

Complete with stand, a double-door storage cupboard and two convenient, shallow drawers. 

The GTI CVX-1/SC D50 Viewing Station comes complete with removable sidewalls. 

Supplied if not specified with industry standard, D50 illumination, an alternative illumination option can be supplied if requested at the time of ordering. (including, D65, TL84 and CWF). 

Note: The image above shows the unit including all available options (cupboard and drawers). Check product name and related products for your required configuration. 

Illumination Types Explained
  • D50 - The preferred primary daylight standard light source for viewing printed material.
  • D65 - A primary daylight source for product assessment and a secondary daylight source for viewing printed material.
  • TL84 - Store lighting, the preferred light source for product colour appearance assessment.
  • CWF (Cool White Florescent) - Store lighting, represents a lower grade of store light for product colour appearance assessment.
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GTI Reference: CVX-3052/SC/2F