Rogue Grid Gels

The Rogue Grid Gels are custom cut LEE Filters specifically made for the Rogue Grid System.

The Filter Kit comprises of 20 circular lighting filters which come in a durable padded pouch with tabbed dividers to help keep the filters organised. The dividers offer additional information such as the names, f stop loss and white balance values (if applicable)

The gels are also all individually labelled with the LEE filter name and f stop information printed directly onto them to make sure you always know which gel you are using.

There is additional information such as the Kelvin colour temperature correction.

The colours included in the kit are:

Yellow / Red Filters
1x Chocolate
1x Smokey Pink
1x Follies Pink
1x Bright Red
1x Rust
1x Dark Salmon
1x Oklahoma Yellow
1x Medium Yellow

Green / Blue Filters
1x Deep Purple
1x Special KH Lavender
1x Just Blue
1x Medium Blue Green
1x Steel Green
1x Moss Green

Correction Filters
1x 1/2 CTB (Colour Temperature Blue)
1x Full CTO (Colour Temperature Orange)
1x 1/2 CTO (Colour Temperature Orange)
1x 1/4 CTO (Colour Temperature Orange)
1x Plus Green
1x Heavy Frost Diffusion