The team at Rogue have developed quick and easy to use Flash Correction Gels that require no holders, or velcro attachments, just gels and a silicone moulded elastic band. The system can be attached to any shoe mounted flash unit and allows you to swap out gels with ease.

The correction gels allow you to improve overall colour balance by adjusting the colour temperature of the flash to match the light sources you are shooting in.
There are three main gels used to correct:

  • Colour Temperature Orange (CTO) to colour balance flash to incandescent, tungsten or halogen ambient light sources.
  • Colour Temperature Blue (CTB) to colour balance flash to shade or blue sky ambient light sources.
  • Plus Green Gels in combination with CTO gels to colour balance flash to fluorescent ambient light sources.  
  • To make it easier for you the gels have the following information printed on them; the LEE filter name, measured f stop loss value, Kelvin colour temperature and the camera white balance icon you should use.

You will have to identify your light source, select the correct gel(s) and put it on your flash unit. It is important that you then set a custom white balance or set the camera to the same icon shown on the gel.

So how do I attach the gel(s)?
  1. Pull the Rogue Gel-band around your flash head
  2. Slip in the tabbed ends of the Rogue Flash Gel under the Gel-band
  3. It is as easy as that! You can also stack the gels to come up with your own creative lighting.

The kit includes:

  • 3x Attachment Bands
  • 1x Storage Pouch with Dividers
  • Correction Filters (18 in total)
  • 3x 1/2 CTB
  • 3x Full CTO
  • 3x 1/2 CTO
  • 3x 1/4 CTO
  • 3x Plus Green
  • 3x Heavy Frost Diffusion