DCS Digital Colour Atlas

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The DCS Digital Colour Atlas offers a complete suite for working with, managing and achieving accurate colour.

The DCS Digital Colour Atlas is supplied as an easy-to-use and load USB stick and boasts a range of powerful and effective functions, including:
  • Colour comparison with more than 200 colour systems, including RAL, Munsell and British Standard
  • Colour Harmonies are created by blending tones, hues and saturation of given colours from numerous systems
  • Colour Export introduces every colour, from any system into all software, easily and simply through the 'Clipboard' feature
  • Colour Matching makes on-screen colour matching for processes such as offset printing, easy, quick and accurate
  • Colour Overview for ease of use of files from all colour systems are provided as PDFs, making printing, checking and archiving easy
  • Colour Atlases printed on three paper types for CMYK referencing are included in the package
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