BenQ SW320 Pro 32in IPS LCD Monitor

£1,099.00 incl. VAT

BenQ SW320

The BenQ SW320  monitor has a wide colour gamut that achieves 99% Adobe RGB and 87% of DCI-P3 Packaged with the Pallete Master Elements software, hardware calibration can be achieved with a compatible calibration tool. It is designed for video and Photo market but is equally an asset to anyone where colour accuracy is important.

Key Features

  • 3 year warranty
  • With its 4K UHD screen it has 4 times the resolution of full HD.
  • HDR mode so resulting image looks closer to what the eye can see.
  • GamutDuo allows you to view content side by side in two different colour spaces.
  • OSD controller allows ease of switching between Adobe RGB/DCI-P3/B&W so no need to hunt through menus and sub-menus
  • The monitor comes with BenQ’s Palette Master Elements software for hardware calibration ( 14-bit 3D LUT) with a compatible device.
  • Built in SD card reader and USB 3 ports for ease of access.
  • Shading Hood included to make sure the mat screen shows no glare at all.

The latest IPS (In Plane Switching) LED backlit panel technology ensures there is minimal colour shift and can be viewed at 178 degrees. The Mat screen reduces glare from lighting etc.

***Please Note******* This monitor has higher than standard resolution that requires a compatible graphics card to drive it correctly