X-Rite i1Display Pro with Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan

by X-Rite
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Amazing images deserve amazing colour.

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Made for Professional Monitor Display Calibration

Now supports ColorTRUE Mobile Calibration

The X-Rite i1Display Pro is an ideal solution for those requiring a professional standard display calibration and in-depth analysis of one, or more monitors, and also projectors. Using X-Rite’s next-generation i1Profiler software, its ‘advanced mode’ will allow you to define specific options for a custom profile, as well as offering in-depth, quality assurance results for complete flexibility and control.
  • Supports all displays, including wide gamut monitors
  • Display quality check and trending over time
  • Intuitive, with a 5 times quicker than standard, measurement speed
  • PANTONE spot color optimisation
  • Consistently accurate on-screen colour for total peace of mind
The X-Rite i1Display Pro offers professional levels of display calibration for the most discerning photographers, designers and imaging professionals, looking for the highest standards of on-screen colour accuracy for displays, laptops and projectors.

i1Profiler Software

The i1Display Pro uses the next-generation of i1Profiler software and offers a choice of ‘basic’ or ‘advanced’ modes for the ultimate in flexible control. The ‘basic’ mode offers a wizard-driven interface, with pre-defined options for the quickest path to professional on-screen colour. The ‘advanced’ mode offers user-defined options for more sophisticated profiling workflows, together with display testing and quality assurance tools.

The i1Display Pro boasts ultra-modern design and incorporates the functions of monitor and projector profiling within a sleek, compact and fully integrated device.

Custom Patch Sets

The i1Display Pro also allows you to create custom patch sets to optimise your profiles. You can select a combination of patch set sizes, extract colours from specific images or PANTONE spot colours, chosen from the included PANTONE Color Manager Software.

Functions and Features

The i1Display Pro offers great functions and features providing easy, accurate and professional standard display calibration, including:
  • Automatic Display Control (ADC) - Adjusts your display hardware to speed up the whole process and eliminate manual adjustments
  • Advanced Filter & Optical Systems - For unrivalled colour accuracy
  • i1Profiler Interface - With ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ modes for the ultimate in flexible control
  • Ambient Light Smart Control - Optimises profiles based on lighting conditions
  • Flare Correct™ - Measures and adjusts your display profile for reduced contrast ratios caused by glare on your screen, to ensure totally accurate results
  • Faster - Five times faster than other devices
  • Advanced Profile Settings - Provide flexibility and control
  • Profile Optimisation - For user-defined, or PANTONE spot colours
  • Multiple Monitor and Workgroup profiling
  • Quality Assurance - Monitor uniformity, PASS/FAIL, deltaE tests and colour accuracy trending over time
  • Projectors - Quickly and accurately create projector profiles and see your images on the ‘big screen’ with complete colour confidence
  • Support - Technologically advanced filter and optical systems delivers unrivalled calibration for the latest displays, including LED & Wide Gamut monitors
  • Field Upgradeable - Spectral calibration makes the i1Display Pro ‘upgradeable in the field’ so is future proofed to support forthcoming monitor technology
  • Peace of Mind - With a 2-year warranty

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