Tether Tools ONsite USB-C 87W PD Battery Pack (26,800 mAh)

£183.86 incl. VAT

ONsite USB-C 87W PD Battery Pack (26,800 mAh)

The ONsite USB-C 87W 26,800 mAh PD Battery Pack recharges MacBook Pro, laptops, tablets, phones and many Tether Tools solutions so you always have power on location. The quick charging battery charges three devices simultaneously, and with 26,800 mAh, it provides a full charge on MacBook Pro so you can tether uninterrupted. USB C and A ports power up Tether Tools solutions including Case Air and Air Direct Wireless Tethering Systems, Case Relay Camera Power System, TetherBoost Pro and more.

The battery can power a MacBook pro for a full charge. Recharge time on the battery is approximately 3 hours from empty. The non-reflective black finish is the ideal power solution on photo and video shoots. Never be without power again.

Key Features:

  • Type-C input and output
  • Dual USB Quick Charge 3.0 ports
  • 87W PD Quick Charge
  • High Capacity – 26,800 mAh
  • Quick re-charge
  • Airline and TSA-friendly. No travel restrictions
  • Charges laptops, phones, tablets, and more
  • Powers MacBook Pro approximately 4 hours, depending on power consumption

ONsite USB-C 61W PD Universal Power Adapter is recommended for charging.