X-Rite i1Publish Upgrade

This upgrade allows existing users of the following packages to easily upgrade to i1Publish Software:
  • Legacy i1 Photo, i1 Xtreme and i1 Basic systems, as well as ProfileMaker and MonacoPROFILER. Color Confidence Print Profiler and OEM ES1000 packages are also eligible. Please note, i1 Basic Pro 2 does not qualify. To check eligibility, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.
i1Publish Software offers users an unprecedented level of flexibility and functionality, when combined with an i1iSis device for creating custom profiles and addressing the needs of digital imaging workflows.

i1Publish Colour Management

i1Publish Software boasts a number of unique colour management capabilities that allow users to produce professional, precise custom profiles for monitors, printers and projectors. All levels of expertise are covered with the option to choose either the basic ‘wizard driven’ or the ‘advanced’ interface with both producing the same outstanding results.

i1Publish Software is driven by X-Rite’s i1Prism engine, whose unique profiling technology allows users to build print profiles for up to 8-Colour workflows(RGB, CMYK & CMYK + any 4). This technology is extremely robust allowing further optimisation based on any combination of images, spot colours or captured colours.

Users can also select from any of the included PANTONE colour libraries, including the new Plus Series.
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X-Rite Photo & Video offer a wide range of colour management solutions to fit the needs of photographers, videographers, designers and image editors of all levels, that demand accurate colour within their workflow.

ColorChecker targets are specifically designed to control the colour at the start of the shoot, while monitor calibration solutions will ensure that those colours are accurately represented on-screen, saving valuable time and money in the editing phase. X-Rite also offer print calibration products which will ensure that your print colours are right first time, every time. If you value colour, you’ll choose X-Rite.