Capture One Pro 20 for Fujifilm Cameras

£128.52 incl. VAT

Capture One Pro 20 for Fujifilm Cameras

Photographers with Fujifilm cameras, it’s time to create unforgettable photos. Use Capture Pro One 20 to your advantage – innovate and inspire by creating impeccable photos.

Explore the new and improved version of the highly acclaimed photo editing system, Capture One Pro 20 - it offers a more dynamic, intuitive and refined user experience. All your favourite editing tools updated from user feedback with an immaculate design, substantial workflow improvements and better processing capabilities. Creators from varying levels of expertise can speed up their post-production whilst creating unforgettable photos with the new features of the Capture One Pro 20.

Key Features

  • High Dynamic Range tool – Created to take complete control of your contrast and tone. This all-in-one versatile tool recovers highlights, boosts shadows, darkens the blacks or boosts the brightest area of your photo.
  • Basic Colour Editor – Precise colour editing made quick and easy to use with this compact yet powerful feature. Adjust the hue, saturation and lightness of colours or edit with intuitive sliders by simply clicking and dragging anywhere on the photo.
  • Noise Reduction – Clean and sharp RAW images, the improved noise reduction feature will retain colours and details when shooting in high ISO – to start your editing with the cleanest possible images.
  • Support for DNG files – Capture One Pro supports a wide variety of Fujifilm cameras.
  • Crop layers and masks – Copy specific layers between photos with ease to accelerate your later editing – this includes photos with various formats and sizes without replacing the existing layers on the destination photo.
  • Crop tool – Visualise and crop in seconds with visible handles in the new crop tool. Crop from the centre, rotate the crop or lock the aspect ratio using modifier keys.

Interface improvements

Find an improved user interface to enhance your workflow for a smooth editing experience: find tools easily and conveniently with new text that has been added to icons and easily access the masking tools and the adjustments clipboard. You can create your ideal setup with customisable keyboard shortcuts and new default shortcuts for zoom, focus mask, full screen and many more.

Image culling allows you to save up to 50% of your keystrokes when sorting images and you can enable the “switch to next” option to automatically switch to the next photo when you rate or tag. It’s formatted in sets, allowing you to conveniently review multiple images and manage big projects with ease. Even scrolling has upgraded, you can scroll through all your tools with ease and pin favourites to the top for instant access.

Additional Information
Once purchased, customers will receive an email containing a download code to activate Capture Pro One 20 for Fujifilm Cameras.