Rotolight Vloggers Kit Pro

The Rotolight Vloggers Kit Pro is a great starter kit, ideal for content creators, bloggers and YouTubers wanting professional lighting results and accurate colour output. It includes the Rotolight RL-48 Interview Kit, Grip Tight Gorilla Pods and a Color Confidence Total Balance Target.

The Rotolight RL-48 Interview Kit is a simple 2-head kit allowing you to build creative lighting set-ups in seconds, with professional looking results. Each head runs from 3xAA batteries and includes a 10 piece ‘Colour FX Kit’, providing filters for skin tone, backlight and hair-light effects, as well as producing photographic daylight light output. This can then be attached to the Grip Tight Gorilla Pods, so you’re ready to set-up anywhere!

To complete the kit, the Total Balance Target allows you to set a correct white balance in-camera, saving you time trying to correct this in post-production.


  • 1x Rotolight RL-48 2-head Interview Kit
  • 2x Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand
  • 1x Color Confidence Total Balance Target