Rotolight Vloggers Kit

The Rotolight Vloggers Kit is a great starter kit, ideal for content creators, bloggers and YouTubers wanting professional lighting results and accurate colour output. It includes the Rotolight RL-48 Creative Colour Kit, a Grip Tight Gorilla Pod and a Color Confidence Total Balance Target.

The RL-48 is a simple to use light with a single on-off switch, which runs from 3xAA batteries and includes light control filters, producing photographic daylight light outputs. This can then be attached to the Grip Tight Gorilla Pod, so you’re ready to set-up anywhere!

To complete the kit, the Total Balance Target allows you to set a correct white balance in-camera, saving you time trying to correct this in post-production.


  • 1x Rotolight RL-48 Creative Colour Kit
  • 1x Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand
  • 1x Color Confidence Total Balance Target