Rotolight Anova Pro 2 Solo Fixed

Rotolight Anova Pro 2 Solo Fixed 5600k  is a revolutionary Fixed LED Studio/location light and HSS flash, that redefines the standard for professional studio or location lighting. One of the brightest LED lights ever launched in its class, Rotolight Anova Pro 2 Solo Fixed 5600k  delivers an incredible 10,900 lux output at 3 feet, 70% more power output than its predecessor. With a mere 72W consumption, Anova PRO 2 reduces operating costs for studio operation, whilst providing unrivalled battery performance on location. Anova PRO 2 offers outstanding colour reproduction (CRI> 96, TLCI 91), with a gorgeous soft light output and Rotolight’s signature catch light effect. 

Anova PRO 2 combines the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, with the flexibility of High-Speed Sync (HSS) flash, for more power or to freeze action. With a 250% performance boost in High Speed Sync flash mode(1/8000th), and no recycle time,  you’ll never miss a shot. 

An integrated Elinchrom Skyport HSS flash receiver provides ultra reliable wireless flash triggering(1/8000th) and remote colour temperature /brightness/ SFX control up to 200m(656ft). Packed full of award winning innovative features for television, film production, and photography, Anova PRO 2 represents pinnacle of LED technology, providing a powerful arsenal of creative lighting tools to take your production to the next level.

For filmmakers, Anova PRO 2 features an updated suite of Rotolights award winning suite of CineSFX (Fire, Lightning, TV, Gunshot, Paparrazi etc), True Aperture Dimming™, Designer Fade™ modes to enhance your production. 

Available as a fixed colour 5600K ‘Daylight’, for maximum light output  - ideal for photographers who are predominantly concerned with maximum light output and also for those who primarily work outdoors. 

Key Features

  • Designed for television, filmmakers and professional photographers
  • Continuous LED light & high speed sync flash (1/8000th)
  • Fixed Colour Temperature (5600K) in both continuous & flash mode
  • Powerful best in class light output, 10,900 lux at 3ft.
  • Unrivalled battery performance, industry leading energy consumption to power ratio. 
  • Outstanding colour accuracy (CRI> 96, TLCI 91) for gorgeous skin tones
  • HSS Flash mode provides 250% more light output(w/ Battery), 150% on PSU.
  • Zero recycle time, no power loss. Ideal for high frame rate cameras.
  • Adjustable flash duration up to 1/2500s to freeze action.
  • Cinesfx Mode ™ Delivers Custom Lighting Fx (Fire, Lightning, Tv, Gunshot, Papparazi, Police, etc) for filmmakers.
  • Built in Elinchrom Skyport wireless flash receiver (200m/656ft), control up to 10 lights in 4 groups.  
  • Wireless control of brightness and colour using Rotolight HSS transmitter.
  • Totally flicker free at any frame rate, >70% brighter than Anova PRO 1.
  • True Aperture Dimming™ Calculates Your Aperture At A Given Distance
  • 150,000 full power flashes on a single Rotolight V mount battery.
  • Includes 4 piece filter kit (Full and half diffusion, cosmetic peach skin diffusion, and magenta), belt pouch, PSU and shoe.

Anova PRO represents the pinnacle of LED technology, with five unique innovations:

CINESFX™  is a powerful suite of customizable Lighting FX (CineSFX™) for Television production and feature film applications. These include all the common lighting effects that gaffers and DOPs are frequently required to recreate on set, from fire, lightning, TV, film, neon and spark simulation, to more novel effects, such as police, paparazzi and gunshot visual effects. CineSFX™ eliminates the need for legacy ‘flicker box’ workflows, saving significant time and cost to achieve powerful lighting FX, and can also be used with a wireless trigger for remote control.

FX Slave™ enables the CineSFX ™ effects to be slaved to up to 512 third party light sources in real time with zero latency to create powerful lighting effects for large scale productions.

High Speed Sync Flash (HSS) provides a powerful HSS flash mode when you need more power, with zero recycle time, at up to 250%* of the maximum continuous light output for photographers. Enabling you to ‘freeze action’, and shoot at wider apertures for better subject isolation, Anova Pro 2 eliminates the need to buy two separate products if you shoot both stills and video, as it provides an all-in-one solution.

TRUE APERTURE DIMMING™ calculates and displays the correct aperture (F-Stop) for your subject at a given distance, revolutionizing your workflow by eliminating the need for metering. Alternatively, dynamically adjust your brightness level, to work at your desired aperture (F-Stop).

DESIGNER FADE™ mode provides custom fade up / fade down interview/ production effects for DSLR videographers and creative cinematographers, reducing time required in post production.

*250% increase in flash power on V mount battery, or 150% flash power on PSU.  

Additional Features:

Dual rotary encoder control knobs for precise colour temperature and brightness adjustments

Delivers signature Rotolight catch light

Mounting via standard TVMP bracket on included Yoke

100,000 hour LED life. 

Technical Specifications: 

Accu-Colour™ Technology:

Overall CRI = 96  & R15 Skintone = 99

TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) = 91 Ideally suited for professional Television use

Colour Range: 5600 Kelvin Fixed


Local, or included DMX 

Power :

V-Lock Battery or Mains Power, 72W consumption at full power for industry leading power output to energy consumption. 


Via standard TVMP bracket on included Yoke

Custom 6/7 light mount available also.


100,000 hour LED lifespan – Totally Flicker Free Technology

Included filters : 216 full Diffuser, 250 Medium Diffuser, 184 Cosmetic Peach, 279 1/8 Minus Green, 

Photometrics *:

Fixed Colour 5600K : (RL-ANVPRO-56K-S)

3 feet (0.9m) :

Lux: 10900

Foot candles (fc) : 1013

Lumen : 5365

fStop at ISO 200/400/800 at 1/60th   : f15 / f21 / f30

6 feet (1.8m) :

Lux: 2900

Foot candles (fc) : 270

Lumen : 5711

fStop at ISO 200/400/800 at 1/60th   : f8/ f11 / f16

9 feet (2.7m) :

Lux: 1330

Foot candles (fc) : 124

Lumen : 5891

fStop at ISO 200/400/800 at 1/60th   : f5.6 / f7.5 / f10.6

*Measured at peak output 5600K (fixed colour) on a Sekonic C7000. Brightness will vary with selected colour temperature and is accurate to +/- 10%


1 x Rotolight ANOVA PRO 2™

1 x Yoke with standard TVMP Bracket

1 x Rotolight Universal power adapter with regional mains cable

1 x Gel Filter Holder

1 x ANOVA PRO Filter pack:

            1 x 216 Full Diffuser (1.5 Stops)

1 x 250 Medium, Half White Diffuser (3/4 Stops)

1 x 184 “Cosmetic Peach” Diffusion

1 x 279 1/8th Minus Green (Magenta) 


ANOVA PRO Body only: 2.47 Kg

ANOVA PRO with Yoke: 3.34 Kg

ANOVA PRO with Yoke and optional barn doors: 4.78 Kg


 440mm (Depth) x 493mm (Height) x 107mm(Depth)


1 year manufacturer’s warranty

Review 1:

“Genuinely innovative design and excellent TLCI results… ANOVA PRO is amongst the best on the market”

Guild of Television Cameramen (GTC)

Review 2:

 “An essential tool for my portrait photography.”

Greg Gorman – Lifetime Achievement Award Winner (Professional Photographers of America)

Review 3:

“I Love the way Anova PRO Looks… Absolutely Beautiful.”

Mark Mann, Celebrity Photographer and LEICA Ambassador

Review 4:

“The Rotolight Anova is really the perfect light for working in a live television environment and we have over 50 Anova’s in the space with our customers including the BBC and MTV . What the Rotolight has given us is the ability to light people accurately very very quickly, and that has saved us so much time, it has saved us mistakes on air, and it has also saved us a lot of money” Wesley Dodd – CEO - Celebro Media Studios (London’s first fully 4K TV Studio)


Guild of Television Cameramen – Seal of Approval Award

Cinec – Technical Achivement and Innnovation Award

BKSTS – Technical and Scientific Achievement Award

Cinegear – Technical Award

American Photographer – Editors Choice Award

Pro Moviemaker – Lighting innovation Award