AC Adapter

For MultiMAX units with serial number 5578506-5578569, 5578601-5578900, and 5579001 and higher with a 4 pin ACC port.

For continuous use of MultiMAX, MiniTT1, FlexTT5 and Plus III radios without the need of batteries.

PW-AC-USB comes standard with USA style AC plug. For additional international, interchangeable adapter plugs see PW-AC-USBK. This AC adapter connects to the radio’s USB port.

To determine if your radio is compatible with this AC adapter, please search for “AC Adapters” at For use with FCC and CE MultiMAX radios with 4-pin ACC Power Ports.
Cable Length: 72” (1.8m)

Input: 100-240v ~ 300mA 50-60Hz, 12-18VA
Output: 5 volts regulated DC, 1A MAX

DC plug: USB Mini-B



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