Tether Tools Air Direct Wireless Tethering System

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Your Camera. Your Workflow. Wireless with Air Direct.

Air Direct brings you a tethered workflow shooting experience that frees you to be mobile as you shoot. Air Direct's utility software makes a virtual PTP connection so you can wirelessly control your camera and transfer files to your software. Compatible with Capture One, Smart Shooter, Lightroom, DarkRoom & many other tethering software programs.

Air Direct utilizes its own power source and will not drain the camera’s battery. For longer shoots, use large external USB batteries or AC wall power via the supplied DC cable. Air Direct offers the flexibility to swap power sources without ever shutting down, so you can power and shoot simultaneously.

Mac and PC Compatibility:

  • The Air Direct Utility (ADU) creates a wireless PTP communication between camera and tethering software on MacOS or Windows. Supported cameras: www.TetherTools.com/Air-Direct
  • Compatible with Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic LUMIX, Phase One, Hasselblad, Leica models with USB tether. Not designed for non-supported camera models.
  • For cameras with extremely large files, shooting tethered with a cable may be a better option.
  • Tethering software of your choice such as Capture One, Smart Shooter, Lightroom, DarkRoom, & many other tethering software programs. (Required for Mac and PC)

  • Camera connected to Air Direct, connected to computer

A tethering software that supports your camera model is required to use Air Direct. There are many options available. To find one compatible with your camera, use our Software Compatibility Finder.

*Please note the ADU supports MacOS Catalina however many tethering software programs do not currently support Catalina (Updated 12/2019). Smart Shooter is fully compatible with Catalina.

Air Direct is compatible with Smart Shooter, Capture One Pro, Lightroom, Darkroom, Nikon, Canon

Mobile, iOS, and Android Compatibility with Canon and Nikon Cameras:

  • Air Direct is compatible with iOS and Android devices for Canon and Nikon cameras via Air Remote Mobile Tethering App.
  • Air Remote App features creative zone control, live view, bracketing, time-lapse, focus stacking, bulb time, movie mode and more.
Camera connected to Air Direct, connected to mobile devices

Air Remote Mobile Tethering App is currently compatible with Canon and Nikon:


Looking to get started? Download the Air Direct Utility or Air Remote Mobile Tethering Application for iOS or Android