MacHood Laptop Hood

The MacHood Laptop Hood 15” is the ideal way to shield light from your Macintosh laptop display and provides an optimised, accurate and confidential working environment.

Matt silver in colour, the MacHood Laptop Hood boasts superior quality and a contemporary flat-pack design which compliments Macintosh laptop displays up to 15” . The specially designed black velvet inner layer absorbs light and eliminates reflections.

The MacHood Laptop Hood allows you to work at a reduced display brightness level. This reduces power consumption by up to 40% which extends the charge duration of your battery and can also reduce the risk of eye strain.

MacHood Key Features

The MacHood Laptop Hood 15” boasts numerous functions and features, including:
  • Effectively shield light from your laptop display for an accurate working environment
  • Matt silver effect compliments Macintosh laptops
  • Portable, flat-pack design and suitable for 15” laptop displays
  • Save up to 40% power and extend the life of your laptop
  • Less power consumption is also good for the environment and good for your wallet!
  • Reduces the risk of eye strain
  • Also includes the Colour Confidence ‘Light & Shade’ colour management guidance document
The MacHood Laptop Hood 15” is suitable for laptops with external dimensions when open, no larger than 400mm (wide) x 280mm (high)
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