PANTONE Solid Guide Set - now on clearance.

Old Pantone reference: GP1605N 

New Pantone referenceGP1605M

Solid Guide Set includes all four spot colour guides: Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated, Pastels & Neons, and Metallics. With 2,732 colours in the Pantone Matching System, Solid Guide Set provides designers the greatest array of Pantone’s market-driven spot colours. Use this set for branding, packaging, marketing materials, signage and when spot colour printing is critical.This set contains the 2016 edition of the Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated, Pastels & Neons and the 2019 edition of Metallics. Click here for the latest guides with 294 new colours just added in 2019.


  • Four portable, handheld fan decks
  • Printed on the most commonly used paper stock weights (148 gsm for coated and 118 gsm for uncoated)
  • Lighting Indicator pages demonstrate when lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation


  • Complete collection of all Pantone spot colours: 1,867 traditional spot colours, 865 metallics, 154 pastels, and 56 neons
  • Each colour displayed with coordinating numbers and ink formulations
  • Colours arranged in chromatic format, with 112 new colours displayed in the front of both Formula Guides
  • Index in the back of each guide provides numeric location for each colour
  • Tolerance aim <2dE to our master standard data


  • Use for logos & branding, packaging and colour specification, sharing and evaluation
  • Complete assortment of Pantone spot colour fan guides in one cost-saving bundle
  • Ink formulations provide the most accurate method for achieving colour on printed materials