PANTONE Pastels & Neons Guide Coated & Uncoated

The Pantone Pastels & Neons (Coated & Uncoated Set) offers 154 soothing pastel shades together with 56 hot neon colour options in an easy-to-use fan deck set printed on coated and uncoated stock.

The Pastels & Neons (Coated & Uncoated Set) allows you to keep up with the demand for speciality colours and add both subtlety and drama to your design projects through new colour selections.

The Pastels & Neons (Coated & Uncoated Set) is compatible with all digital workflows and is the easy, accurate and convenient way to modernise and broaden your colour selection, specification and verification palette.

The Pantone Pastels & Neons (Coated & Uncoated Set) boasts numerous features, including:

  • A broad palette of 154 pastel and 56 neon colours
  • Printed on coated and uncoated, Text-weight, FSC certified paper
  • Chromatically arranged fan deck with a distinct Pantone code number
  • Ink mixing formulas
  • Pantone Color Manager software allows colour updates to popular design applications
  • ColorChecker Lighting Indicator aid lighting evaluation
  • New cover 2019

Pantone reference: GG1504A (replaces GG1504)