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Visualise colour for fashion, home and interior with this two-guide set.

You will have endless creative colour choices for specification and production with this two-guide Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors Colorset. This guide illustrates 2,310 FHI colours, including the 210 industry-relevant colours launched in 2015. Enhance your designs and communicate colour for ceramics, textiles, clothes, paint, cosmetics, fashion accessories and leather goods. You can view, reference and multi-task with this convenient portable guide in the office, lab or on the go – perfect for sample shopping, client meetings and on-site reviews.

This guide is made out of TPG (Textile Paper – Green), which means all lead pigments and chromium have been removed to make this eco-friendly whilst maintaining the same colour integrity. The paper format colours in this guide match Pantone’s FHI Textile Cotton System (TCX), to specify colour for soft goods. The lacquer-coated papers can be used to specify colours on non-fabric materials and hard home goods (TPG).

  • All 2,310 FHI Colours, including 210 industry-relevant colours launched in 2015
  • Earth-friendly coating formulation with the same colour integrity
  • To help you organise, colours are arranged chromatically with corresponding name and number with all the new colours displayed at the front of volume one
  • Hand-held portable fan deck in two-guide set
  • The FHI TPG colours for hard surfaces match back to FHI TCX for textiles and goods

Pantone reference: FHIP110N