GrafiLite - Twin Pack

View prints in natural daylight indoors with the Color Confidence GrafiLite - Twin Pack. Standard studio lighting can be harsh and over-bright, distorting the appearance of your prints. Using OTT-LITE Technology, the GrafiLite simulates natural light, allowing you to view prints clearly and assess colour differences accurately.

The Color Confidence GrafiLite Twin Pack features two GrafiLite lamps and a double-sized neutral viewing mat, designed for accurate lamp positioning with optimum light coverage. This provides powerful, energy efficient lighting for viewing proofs or prints up to A3 size. For extra versatility, the Twin Pack also includes two single mats, giving you the flexibility to use one or both lights as convenient. An excellent accessory for photographers, designers or anyone concerned with colour accuracy.

Color Confidence Tip
Although GrafiLite tubes are rated for up to 10,000 hours, illumination quality will deteriorate with use (from either continuous or intermittent usage). As with any professional viewing lamp, for optimum illumination quality, tubes should be replaced on an annual basis. We recommend adding a spare tube to your order (see options). Please do not attempt to use any other model of bulb in the GrafiLite as this may damage the unit or impair its operation.
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Note: This product is 230 volt and includes a UK/EU universal plug (it is not available for 110 volt as required in the USA).