Spot Color Option

Developed for use with the EFI Fiery XF RIP, the Spot Color Option enables simple processing and true colour output of jobs with spot colours. There also are an unlimited number of spot colors per job, so there are no limits on what you can produce. In addition, EFI's work with leading spot color systems such as Pantone, HKS, Toyo and DIC ensures that Fiery XF's definitions match the original definitions.

EFI Spot Color Option boasts numerous functions and features, including:


  • Spot colour definition of full tones and shades, manual and measurement based
  • Spot colour definition in L*a*b* (measured and manually), CMYK/CMYKOG/CMYKRGB (manually in %) and inkjet CMYK/ CMYKOG/CMYKRGB (pure printer inks, manually in %)
  • Definition of spot colour transparency per spot colour and per spot colour table
  • Unlimited number of spot colours supported per job
  • Spot colour measurement out of application
  • Definition of gradation curve in per cent, combinable with measured characterization data
  • Alias function (Link spot colour to another pre-defined spot colour)
  • Process colours Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black can be defined as or replaced by spot colours (e.g. Warm Red replaces Magenta)
  • Spot colour libraries for DIC, HKS (E, K, N, Z, K 3000 plus, N 3000 plus), PANTONE including Plus, Toyo built-in
  • Definition of custom spot colours
  • CMYK based spot colour editing for visual fine-tuning
  • Automated colour mapping of multi-channel jobs
  • Flexible spot colour routing to spot colours or printer inks (white, glossy, metallic)

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