PANTONE Intermediate Designer Kit All in one – package

PANTONE Bridge to Seven, DCS BOOK CMYK Mini and GrafiLite Mini

All in one – package

  • Stock: coated
  • PANTONE Color Bridge (Spot Colour)
  • PANTONE Extended Gamut Guide (CMYK + Green, Purple and Orange to extend CMYK Gamut)
  • DCS BOOK CMYK Mini on coated stock: more than 22,000 colour combinations
  • Assess prints under Daylight with GrafiLite mini
  • For Media Designers, Printers, Graphic Designers and Packaging Designers

Pantone Bridge to Seven

PANTONE BRIDGE-TO-SEVEN Set – a color professional’s must-have when thoroughly evaluating best printing options!

Thanks to advancements in printing technology, designers and printers have more color printing choices than ever before. Spot Color is the preferred printing option by most brands but sometimes challenging to achieve economically so process color choices might be considered. Pantone delivers the perfect visual tools for making economic and time-conscious color printing decisions. The BRIDGE-TO-SEVEN Set includes the PANTONE PLUS SERIES COLOR BRIDGE Coated and the EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guides. When compared side-by-side, one can quickly see how a closely PANTONE Spot Color can be matched to either a CMYK four-color or our new Extended Gamut seven-color process printing methods.

The PLUS SERIES COLOR BRIDGE features 1,733 market-proven solid color choices as well as their side-by-side comparable CMYK printed representations together in one convenient guide.

The EXTENDED GAMUT Coated guide is printed with an extremely high quality, seven-color printing process using existing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) inks plus commonly used Orange, Green and Violet (OGV) inks that ‘extend’ the color gamut significantly. EXTENDED GAMUT Coated Guide page and color numbers mirror exactly those of the COLOR BRIDGE Coated Guide for your convenience when reviewing together.
This set includes color indexes for fast color lookup and a lighting evaluation tool (included in the COLOR BRIDGE Coated Guide only) to ensure your ambient lighting conditions are right for color evaluation.

DCS Book CMYK Mini Edition - Coated

This DCS Book CMYK Mini Uncoated, is a compact and versatile colour reference book, printed on uncoated paper, making it ideal for client visits.
The perfect way to select and verify colour, for design and printing projects on  ISO 12647-2 standard, certified pages, predicting accurate colour results for print output on uncoated paper.

Clear and easy to use, The DCS Book CMYK Mini Coated, consists of 144 colour charts with a total of 20,736 colour reference samples. This means you are able to locate any CMYK colour combination in seconds, through the incredibly simple crosscheck, colour scale system.

This DCS Book CMYK Mini Coated comes in a black 260 x 240mm sturdy protective ring-binder, perfect for the studio and offsite client work.

Grafilite Mini LED Lamp

The GrafiLite Mini allows you to view colour reference fan guides and swatches, accurately in natural daylight, day or night at any location. The compact high-quality flip light is surprisingly powerful for its size and is fitted with 12 extremely bright LED lights, making it ideal for colour selection and assessment.

The GrafiLite Mini is ideal for designers, architects and anyone concerned with colour accuracy. The natural daylight balance provides optimum viewing conditions, making the GrafiLite Mini also convenient as a reading light.

The pocket light is approximately 6 x 8 x 3cm so is extremely portable and can easily be carried with your colour guides to any location, enabling you to assess colour differences accurately and clearly wherever you are.