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PANTONE Color Bridge Guide Uncoated (Old Version)

2022 Version Available

Bring your designs to life with 294 new Pantone colours.

Translate Pantone colours in CMYK, HTML and RGB

Color Bridge is the only Pantone tool that offers CMYK, HTML, and RGB values for Pantone Spot Colours. Use the Color Bridge Guide to illustrate how Pantone Spot Colours can reproduce CMYK on uncoated stock, for confident colour management across different platforms. When process printing graphic and print designs, you can visualise Pantone Spot Colours next to their closest industry-standard CMYK equivalent and convert HTML and RGB with the value equivalents for digital design applications.

You can take advantage of all 294 colours, new and industry trend relevant graphics just added; achieve precise colours with the largest colour gamut in the Pantone graphics system and compare 2,139 Pantone Spot Colours. Speed up and elevate your design workflow as this set quickly illustrates how closely basic industry CMYK printing can match to Pantone Spot Colours and reach optimum accuracy with the Pantone Matching System®(PMS), which provides you with CMYK, HTML and RGB PMS spot values.

  • Specify and manage colour across print graphics, digital design, web, animation, and video
  • For your ease of viewing, application and portability, the guides are printed on the most commonly used uncoated paper stock weight (80 lb) in one compact handheld fan deck
  • Lighting Indicator page demonstrates when lighting conditions are suitable for colour evaluation
  • Index in the back of the guides provides the numeric location for each colour
  • Use for digital design, animation, and packaging when CMYK process printing is required
  • Colours arranged in chromatic format.


Pantone reference: GG6104A (Replaces GG6104N)

Vendor: Pantone