RHEM Indicators

When viewing proofs, prints and originals, lighting conditions can have a major impact on the appearance of colours. GATF RHEM Indicator strips are a simple but effective colour management tool which can show you if you are working in good or bad lighting. Each RHEM strip is printed in bands of two colours. When viewed in optimum 5000K lighting conditions, these appear as a single smooth colour; when viewed under non-standard lighting (e.g. incandescent or fluorescent), the colour bands become visible again. If the RHEM Indicators show your standard lighting conditions are poor, a 5000K or D50 standardised lighting viewing booth may be a wise investment.

GATF RHEM Indicator strips are backed with a non-permanent adhesive for attaching to colour proofs, artwork, prints etc. Each strip measures 51 x 19mm (2 x 0.75in). Sold in packs of 50 strips – please contact Color Confidence for bulk rates.
Next Day Delivery to UK mainland