Capture One Pro 12, UPGRADE to 12

Capture One 12 is the next major milestone in the evolution of the industry’s premier RAW conversion, image editing, and asset management software. This release takes a top-down approach to streamline, modernizing, and improving the user interface to continue the program’s tradition of providing powerful features in a customizable, uniquely configurable interface.

New masking tools and improved workflow features continue Capture One’s tradition of providing the most powerful image editing tools available, while a new
plug-in ecosystem will allow third-party developers to connect their services and applications to Capture One. Capture One 12 furthers Phase One’s commitment to providing unparalleled RAW editing, with unmatched tethering, color handling and precise editing on images captured with any of more than 500 different camera models.

Capture One 11.3 introduced support for all Fujifilm cameras and their unique sensors. Capture One 12 now enhances that support with the ability to correctly read and interpret Fujifilm’s legendary Film Simulations. “Capture One has long been recognized as the industry standard for RAW image editing and image management,” says Jan Hyldebrandt-Larsen, VP Software Business at Phase One. “With this update, we focused on creative control — updating and improving the user interface, adding powerful new masking tools, and extending the Capture One ecosystem through plug-in support.

These updates further our commitment to ensuring that Capture One continues to be the industry’s recognized leader in accuracy, performance, and customizability.”

Capture One Pro 12 New Features

New interface

Capture One 12 introduces a new and decluttered “super flat” UI, designed primarily to make Capture One easier to use over long editing sessions. Revised iconography helps to explain basic functionality for new users. The Menu system and equivalent application functions are now also more closely aligned to help aid discovery.

New Menu system

As part of the new user interface, the application menu system is completely reorganized to allow for easier discovery of functionality as well as cleaner logic and function grouping. New menu items like Layer and Select allow for future expansion. Shortcutable menu commands to things that were previously inaccessible, are now also available in the Shortcut Manager.

New Keyboard Shortcut Manager

With over 500 individually shortcutable commands, finding or learning the shortcuts can be a daunting process. The Shortcut Manager is re-designed to make using shortcuts easier than ever. Now you can search (by assigned key or by menu command) and easily add shortcuts with a more intuitive interface. The Shortcut Manager is relocated as part of the Menu system reorganization and now resides in the Edit menu > Edit Keyboard Shortcuts.

Luma Range Masking

The new Luma Range mask option allows the user to create masks derived from the brightness of pixels in an image. To use the feature, draw a mask (or create a new fill mask) then press the Luma Range button. Adjust the slider in and out points to “clamp” the values on the mask to limit the range required.

Linear Gradient Mask tool

Capture One’s gradient masking feature gets a serious upgrade! Gradient masks are now editable, movable, rotatable and can be made asymmetric - all using the powerful new Parametric masking engine. When adjusting the size (click+drag outer line to change size) use the Shift key to modify symmetrically or Alt key to modify asymmetrically.

Radial Gradient Mask tool

The new Radial Mask tool allows for quick drawing of vignette and fall off effects. Using the same Parametric engine as Gradient Masks, Radial Masks can be adjusted, rotated and moved after drawing for maximum control. Use Shift (Mac) key to modify symmetrically.

Plug-ins - Export and Publish

Capture One 12 introduces a new Plug-in platform for developers wishing to build content and functionality for the Capture One community. For more information on developing Capture One plug-ins, see the developer portal on

As part of the new Plug-in platform, “Edit with...” and “Open with...” are re-factored as plug-ins. These can now be configured with your favorite applications from the Preferences menu, which will then only show those applications in the respective menus.

User experience changes and tweaks throughout the app

A number of small but important user experience changes round up the Capture One 12 release:

  • Cleaned up browser list mode
  • Ignore composition in copy/paste settings operations
  • Almost all cursors have been made bigger
  • All font sizes made bigger
  • Frameless viewer labels
  • Bigger thumbnails in the batch queue
  • Various UI alignment and padding fixes

Extended AppleScript support

Capture One’s automation ability is extended again based on user feedback. The following areas/properties are now addressable through scripts:

  • Normalize tool
  • Locate
  • Set/clear/get compare variant
  • Overlay
  • Workspaces
  • Black and White
  • Live View focus meters
  • Styles on Layers
  • Readouts
  • Upgrade Engine
  • Capture Pilot Server
  • Process history
  • Native activities
  • Collection sort order