Spekular Light Blaster Universal Studio Adapter

£64.99 incl. VAT

Light Blaster Universal Studio Adapter

The Light Blaster Universal Studio Strobe Adapter adds more power and light to the Light Blaster and allows you to project bigger and brighter images behind or on your subject. Attaching the Light Blaster to a studio strobe is easy with this universal adapter. It uses a standard bowl reflector to attach to any studio strobe using three tabs and tightening knobs to secure the Blaster. Use the included hood to keep any light spill contained.

Key Features

  • The studio adapter is not meant to be used with continuous light sources, as they may be too hot for the device
  • Mounts on any strobe using the standard reflector
  • Provides more blasting power
  • Light Blast onto larger areas
  • Light Blaster, strobe and lens not included