Working from Home Must-Haves

Working from Home Must-Haves

In these uncertain times, we know that many of our customers will be adjusting to working from home. To keep your workflow productive, we’ve put together some tips and our must-haves to make working from home work for you.

Create a space for working

Separate your working area. This is crucial for anyone who finds themselves working from home. Create a separate area within your house to keep strict lines between work time and downtime. You might also want to take into account areas with more plug sockets around your home to ensure you can use all your equipment.

Get the right monitor

Now you've got a suitable area to work in, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got a monitor that can give you the same professional quality you’re used to in your studio. Not only will a BenQ or Eizo monitor allow you to work from home, but they also significantly reduce eye strain. After spending more hours indoors, screen time will be on the increase so it's more important than ever to take care of your eyes.


Lighting is key to anyone working from home, but especially photographers, videographers and designers. You’re more likely to spend time focusing on screens, prints, and colour swatches, so try introducing an OttLite to your home office. With natural daylight LED lamps to reduce eyestrain and boost your mood.

Not only is light important to your eye health, but as photographers, it’s crucial that you’re able to view prints in the right conditions. For this, we really recommend using the GrafiLite 2. Compact and space-saving, the GrafiLite 2 will allow you to view prints and swatches in standardised lighting conditions – important for any photographer or designer.

Monitor Hood

Working in a brightly lit area? Then a PChOOD Monitor Hood is the simple solution to keep glare and excessive light away from your monitor for an opitmised working station. Also available for laptops, meaning you can take editing outdoors for some fresh air while you’re stuck at home.

Calibrate your monitor and devices

If you've been putting off calibrating your monitor, now is the perfect time to do it! We know that calibrating monitors often gets pushed back, but it's so important to ensure all of your screens are accurately calibrated to keep your work colour accurate to industry standards.

X-Rite offers a range of products to achieve colour accuracy and calibration. With the i1Display Pro, you can ensure a professional outcome on any work produced at home as it will ensure all monitors in your workflow are profiled and calibrated.

Keep Colour Guides Handy

Colour guides are an essential tool for any designer and photographer. There is no need to lose access to accurate colour in your design flow while you're away from the office. Get yourself your own accurate colour guide and browse our range of Pantone Color Guides & Books to achieve consistent colour accuracy for graphics and print. 

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